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Zeyaratt Customers Testimonials

We encourage our customers to share their experience with us. We would love to hear from you too.

Please read through some of our customers' testimonials who were happy to share their great experience with Zeyaratt

Abdul Image.webp

Abdul Mahdi

The most incredible experience I ever had. Professional staff and the most friendliest. I was thousands of miles from home, but I felt home during the entire 12 says. Excellent hotels, luxury busses and great food. It was a lot of fun besides visiting the holy cities. I will definitely do it again soon!. Thank you very much Zeyaratt,

Sadiq Image.webp

Sadiq M

My mom wished to visit the holy cities in Iraq form so many years and I wasn’t sure what are the best touring services out there. I badly wanted my mom’s wish to come true and I wanted to take her there myself. My friend told me about Zeyaratt as he traveled with them before. I’m so thankful that I went by his recommendations. My mom, my wife, my 2 kids and I enjoyed unforgettable 12 days tour. Thank you very much Zeyaratt

Ali Image.webp

Ali Khan

Very good tour. No problems of any kinds. Hotels were great and above expectations. All 3 mails/day were delicious. Friendly and knowledgeable staff in USA and in Iraq. I actually could not believe the quality of the tour for the price we paid. Thank you all for the great effort. Yes, I will go again using Zeyaratt.

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