About Iraq

     Iraq is an incredible country located in the Middle East. We can say that it is quite straight forward touring Iraq mainly because there are safe regions in the country, mostly in Iraqi Kurdistan and towards Najaf, Babylon, and Karbala. Northern Iraq tourism packages options are quite extensive since the country is full of monuments and things to do.


     Choosing and booking a tour of Iraq Kurdistan can be complicated in terms of choice because most people don’t really understand the geographic complexity of the country. Visiting the main Iraq tourism attractions will delight those who enjoy old archaeological sites, interesting religious temples from Yazidi, Christians and Muslim faiths, delicious gastronomy, and a welcoming character.


    Your Iraq holidays will be memorable because of the country’s unparalleled history, captivating sites, and hospitable people. Join one of our Iraq tour packages and travel the country safely with our expertise. Our opportunity of being an Iraq tour operator gives us great pleasure since we’re very pleased of promoting this adventure destination.